Lt. Commander Muriel (Sarah)



  • Champion of Lost Causes
  • Betazoid
  • “It’s none of my business, but…”
  • I Have No Enemies
  • Nobody Has to Get Hurt
  • There Should Be No Secrets
  • Unending Optimist
  • Sucker for a Sad Story
  • Failure to Communicate


  • Great (+4) – Telepathy
  • Good (+3) – Science, Empathy
  • Fair (+2) – Investigation, Resolve, Rapport
  • Average (+1) – Alertness, Mysteries, Academics, Endurance

Untitled – Muriel’s Episode

Muriel helps two starcrossed lovers get together by translating actual emotions in spite of the vast differences in social customs. One of them was in love with Muriel, who could not reciprocate due to her involvement with another man, but she befriended him and introduced him to another one of her friends and helped the two to fall in love.

While serving at a Starbase in Texas, Muriel also helped arrange a marriage between Kit Anderson, Ensign Anderson’s sister, and her current husband. Both Kit and Chip Anderson fell in love with Muriel, while she assisted with their grief counseling after the death of their father. Muriel let them both down gently, and when Kit fell for Trevor Zacarabla, an alien, Muriel helped them to communicate. Chip was heavily impacted when his father died, acting on his grief and becoming violent. Muriel helped him to channel his grief into determination to succeed in Starfleet, and recommended that he be assigned to the USS Discovery.

Prior to receiving aid from Muriel, Trevor first approaches his former roommate at Starfleet Academy, Lt. Commander Kirby. Trevor asks Kirby for advice regarding human females; Kirby, for his part, pretends to know all about dating and gives hilariously bad advice. In the end, Kirby learns a thing or two about women, Trevor’s sister specifically, and stands as Trevor’s best man during Trevor’s marriage to Kit Anderson.

Lt. Commander Muriel (Sarah)

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