Lt. Commander Michael Kirby (Chris)



  • Starbase Brat
  • Too Smart for My Own Good
  • Never Give Up, Never Surrender
  • Leave No Man Behind
  • Robot Arm
  • Keep Your Head Down
  • Women, Amirite?
  • Alien “Relations”
  • Personal Sacrifice
  • Destined for Greatness


  • Great (+4) – Starship Engineering
  • Good (+3) – Engineering, Starship Systems
  • Fair (+2) – Academics, Alertness, Resolve
  • Average (+1) – Rapport, Athletics, Fists, Endurance

Untitled – Kirby’s Episode

The USS Discovery is sent to evacuate Starbase 46, which had accidentally activated an alien device that had been under investigation, triggering a reaction in the system’s star. Acting under intense time pressure, Kirby and Lt. Commander Dexter desperately attempt to find a way to disable the device, and some way to deliver their solution into the star’s core without it burning up. Dexter solves the first part of the problem, by figuring out how to disable the alien technology which has started the star’s explosion, but he has no ideas regarding a delivery system.

Kirby figures out how to deliver Dexter’s solution into the star at the last possible minute, disobeying orders to evacuate the Starbase (and raising the base’s shields to prevent his involuntary evacuation), and saves the star system by using his delivery system to implement Dexter’s solution.

At the same time, Commander McCracken is sent to a mining facility that is revusing to be evacuated. McCracken attempts to negotiate with the stubborn leader of the facility in front of his workers, ultimately throwing at least one punch. The facility is evacuated, preventing the deaths of many innocent people due to a wayward burst of radiation from the star.

Lt. Commander Michael Kirby (Chris)

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