Lt. Commander Morgan "Mick" Dexter (Paul)



  • Mad Scientist
  • Romulan Patron (estranged)
  • Destroyer of Aunthros 3
  • Tainted by Ancient Nanotech
  • Science is My Only Master
  • Chip Off the Old Brock
  • Ghost of the Past


  • Great (+4) – Science
  • Good (+3) – Investigation, Starship Systems
  • Fair (+2) – Contacts, Leadership, Academics
  • Average (+1) – Mysteries, Guns, Starship Engineering, Engineering

Untitled – Dexter’s Episode

As a younger man, Dexter worked alongside Brock Anderson as a research scientist at an ancient archeological site, containing highly advanced alien technology. During the course of his investigation, Dexter determined that the technology was genetically keyed to the race that had created it, and that attempting to use it woulc result in a biotechnical plague of epic proportions. In order to prevent either the Federation or the Romulans from attempting to weaponize the technology, Dexter tried to destroy it.

Following the destruction of the archeological site, Brock and Dexter visited an adjacent system, Aunthros III, to relax. In the process, Dexter accidentally contaminated the planet with a sample of the biotechnical plague, and was contaminated himself. Dexter subsequently entered Starfleet to work as a science officer and was assigned to the USS Discovery. Brock, realizing that he was partially responsible for Aunthros III’s contamination, returned to the system to search for a cure. Unfortunately, Brock and his crew were attacked by a Romulan ship commanded by Captain Sarvok and were killed.

Years later, the Discovery returns to the site of Dexter’s discovery, only to find that the Romulans have moved in and are attempting to make use of the alien technology. As the Discovery races to prevent the Romulans from succeeding, it becomes clear that the Romulans had previously funded Dexter’s work when he was a civilian. Though Dexter nearly succeeds in disabling the Romulans’ work without loss of life, Commander McCracken determined that there was a nonzero probability of success and attempted to destroy the facility for a second time.

Lt. Commander Morgan "Mick" Dexter (Paul)

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