Ensign Chip Anderson (Jenni)



  • A Good Day to Die
  • First on the Scene
  • “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”
  • Death-Defying
  • Fly by Night
  • “There was a FIREFIGHT!”
  • Fearless
  • “It wasn’t my fault!”
  • All for Glory


  • Great (+4) – Guns
  • Good (+3) – Fists, Athletics
  • Fair (+2) – Alertness, Might, Survival
  • Average (+1) – Weapons, Stealth, Gambling, Endurance

Untitled – Anderson’s Episode

Chip Anderson comes from a well-to-do family in Texas. His father was an acclaimed scientist working for Starfleet. Chip was primed to succeed his father, but did not perform very well at Starfleet Academy. Due to his father’s influence, he graduated from the Academy and was allowed to work as a security officer. Chip accompanied his father’s mission to return to Aunthros III in an attempt to find a cure for the biotechnical plague, but due to Chip’s failure to mind the ship’s sensors, the mission was taken unaware by a group of Romulans and Brock was killed.

Grief-stricken, Chip returned to Texas following his father’s murder. Lt. Commander Muriel was called in as a favor to the Texas base commander to help Chip work through his grief. Muriel works with Chip and his sister, Kit, and continues to keep an eye on Chip’s willingness to help others at his own expense. While in Texas, Muriel participates in Texas high society with Chip and Kit, where she falls in love with the Texas base commander, the one man whose mind she is unable to read. Muriel hesitates to share her growing feelings of respect and admiration for the base commander’s compassion, intelligence, and leadership.

Following the conclusion of Chip’s therapy, both Dexter and Muriel put in a good word for him with Captain Taggert, enabling him to join the crew of the Discovery. Dexter continues to feel guilt over Brock’s death, as well as the Romulans’ involvement and the destruction of Aunthros III, and so Dexter is willing to bend the rules in Chip’s favor at times.

Ensign Chip Anderson (Jenni)

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