Commander Greg McCracken (Frank)



  • Sucker for a Pretty Face
  • Release McCracken
  • Defeated My Mentor
  • Unconventional Tactics
  • “Humanity has it right.”
  • “There’s no time!”
  • Fists are Plan B
  • Failure is the Best Teacher
  • “I don’t live up to my father’s example.”


  • Great (+4) – Starship Gunnery
  • Good (+3) – Starship Piloting, Leadership
  • Fair (+2) – Starship Systems, Rapport, Fists
  • Average (+1) – Resolve, Guns, Alertness, Endurance

Notable Consequences Taken:

  • Shot in the Leg (by Chip)

Untitled – McCracken’s Episode

The USS Discovery_ is called to a distress signal emanating from a Klingon ship which has been disabled on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone. Another Federation ship, the _USS Independence, captained by Captain James Roark has also responded to the beacon. Captain Roark insists that the Klingon scouts be destroyed for trespassing in Federation space. Captain Taggert insists that the Klingons be taken alive, otherwise the Federation will risk war with the Klingon Empire.

Not thinking clearly because his family had been killed in a Klingon raid several years previously, Captain Roark invites several members of the Discovery’s command crew over to his ship to discuss the issue in more detail. When Captain Taggert, Lt. Commander Kirby, and several other Discovery crewmen board the ship, Roark has them jailed in his brig, then fires an experimental weapon at the Discovery which paralyzes its controls.

The Independence’s doctor, Muriel, sees Captain Roark losing his reasoning due to his buried grief. As Chief Medical Officer, she asks him to set aside his command, since his judgment has been compromised. Roark has her locked in the brig as well. Working together, Kirby and Muriel manage to escape the brig and return to the Independence’s bridge before Roark destroys the Klingon vessel. Kirby is able to power down the experimental weapon and return control to the Discovery, but Roark cripples his arm with a phaser blast in the process.

Thinking quickly, Commander McCracken takes control of the Discovery’s controls and attempts to save the Klingons. Though Roark is widely renowned for his piloting expertise, having taught starship tactics at Starfleet Academy for many years, McCracken is able to outmaneuver him and to disable the Independence. Muriel is able to tranquilize Captain Roark to prevent him from taking further action.

Following this mission, Muriel speaks in Captain Roark’s favor at his court martial, resulting in his dishonorable discharge rather than a prison sentence. Muriel is then reassigned to the Discovery, having worked with Kirby to develop a robotic arm and to safely integrate it into his biology. Muriel submits her results for review and is now approached for more robotic prosthesis as well as a more reactive form of artificial skin. She hopes to further experiment on Kirby’s arm and continue to incorporate his engineering ideas.

Commander Greg McCracken (Frank)

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