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Urgan the Invincible

Urgan the Invincible – Session One

Captain’s log, Stardate 4857.5. The Discovery has been assigned to monitor trade routes nearest to Gorn space to guard against potential retaliation by the Gorn following the Andorian separatists’ deeds. Thus far, there has been no sign of hostile activity. As part of a secondary mission, Commander McCracken is leading a small team to observe the inhabitants of Simelius Beta, who had been close to developing warp technology as of the last Starfleet report on the system. Following their mission, we will rendezvous with their shuttlecraft at Starbase 86.

A shuttlecraft containing Cmdr. McCracken, Lt. Cmdr. Murphy, Dr. Muriel, Lt. Cmdr. Atherton, Lt. Abigail Hawthorne, a sociology expert, and Ensigns Anderson, Adams, and Blount was dispatched to survey Simelius Beta. After a successful mission, during which Lt. Hawthorne reported that the system was probably a century away from warp travel due to a recent nuclear war, the shuttle prepared to return to Starbase 86. En route, Lt. Cmdr. Atherton reported energy readings consistent with a damaged warp core in the nearby Antaurus system. McCracken informed the Starbase of the readings, then ordered a detour to the system to investigate.

Once in the Antaurus system, the shuttle no longer found readings showing a warp core signature, but did register a strange type of energy not previously catalogued coming from a nearby Class M planet. Before the party could decide what to do about the energy source, the readings spiked and a beam of yellowish energy reached up from the planet’s surface, doing catastrophic damage to the shuttlecraft’s systems. Kirby and Atherton, working together, restored some of he power to the shuttle, enabling Commander McCracken to pilot the vessel into the planet’s atmosphere without disintegrating. Atherton located a relatively safe spot for an emergency landing and Kirby frantically rerouted power to the engines, and McCracken was able to keep the shuttle together through the crash. Unfortunately, Ensign Adams lost his life in the crash, and the other crew members suffered various injuries.

Taking stock of the situation, Kirby determined that the shuttle’s power cells had been completely depleted, and the shuttle would be unable to fly unless they were replaced or recharged. The party determined that the source of the strange energy readings might provide some form of power, though Lt. Hawthorne cautioned against undue interference with the planet’s native inhabitants. Before the team could make any moves, however, they detected life signs moving toward the shuttle.

Exiting the craft, the team made contact with a group of Antaurans wielding weapons of bone, led by a priest wearing a harness and carrying a black totem in the shape of a goblinoid head. The priest accused the Starfleet team of being sent by “the Dark One,” and commanded the other Antaurans to kill them in the name of “Urgan.” The priest then fired a beam of energy from its totem directly into Atherton’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. The team was forced to engage the Antaurans in combat, and though Commander McCracken suffered a stomach injury, the crew was able to defeat the Antaurans when Kirby routed his phaser through his robotic arm and used a laser to melt the sand at the Antauran priest’s feet, allowing Ensign Anderson to blast him backward into the molten sand to perish. One of the Antaurans, Durn, surrendered to the party as the rest escaped into the desert. Kirby analyzed the priest’s totem and determined that it contained technology beyond the capabilities of even the Federation.

The party decided that it would be unsafe to leave any crew members with the shuttle, given the attack on its position. Since Durn was unable to understand the concept of mutual coexistence, the party allowed him to believe that they had made him a slave following his defeat. Durn and an Antauran that had been stunned in the battle carried the wounded, and the group made for the energy source.

On the way, the party came across another tribe of Antaurans, calling themselves the Bannu. Discussions with Durn and the Bannu revealed that the Antaurans worshipped a god called Urgan, and that several decades ago this god came down from the stars and showed his favor to his chosen people, the Urgan. The Urgan founded the first city on Antaurus, the great metropolis of Urgan, and began to lead raids on the other tribes. The Bannu believed that the party had come from the stars to burn Urgan and to cast him off from the planet. After Dr. Muriel treated some of the Bannu that had been injured in the last raid, and after Lt. Hawthorne persuaded Lt. Cmdr. Atherton that Federation interference with the Antaurans could only lead to disaster, the party moved on until they reached the city of Urgan. The “city” was actually more of a small town, a collection of clay buildings atop a hill, surrounding a massive clay structure carved with goblinoid faces and murals depicting planets being destroyed by asteroids.

In order to enter the city peacefully, the team “surrendered” to Durn and allowed him to take them to the temple of Urgan as his slaves. The crew was escorted into the temple, which quickly changed from clay walls to metal corridors. The party reached a central chamber, where they found a crude hybrid of machine and living organism; a corpse covered in riveted sheet metal. The creature addressed the party, confusing them for members of something called the Coalition and telling them that Antaurus had been claimed by the Nurr Kath, who would be arriving in response to a beacon in order to claim a resource called corthite. The team identified themselves as representatives of the Federation, but “Urgan” did not understand, and continued to accuse them of being members of the Coalition. At Cmdr. McCracken’s signal, Ensign Anderson fired upon Urgan as Kirby raced to a control panel and managed to lock the priests out of the room. The party’s phasers had difficulty penetrating Urgan’s energy shielding, and so Lt. Cmdr. Kirby created a feedback loop within the temple, which quickly grew powerful enough to destroy the entire city. Urgan began to batter the crew, nearly killing Ensign Blount with a powerful blow to the sternum.

Thinking quickly, Dr. Muriel reached out with her telepathic senses to see whether Urgan was alive. She found some long dormant organic material within him, and managed to prod it into flooding the cyborg with emotion. This caused the creature to hesitate, which gave Lt. Hawthorne the opportunity to jam live wires into its back, essentially killing it. Lt. Cmdr. Kirby refocused the power building within the temple so that it would be directed upward instead of outward, and Ensign Anderson stole Urgan’s independent power source, a dull gold rock suspended within Urgan’s chest cavity in an antigravity field.

The characters destroyed the door to Urgan’s chamber and found themselves confronted with eight priests of Urgan. Cmdr. McCracken, disregarding the Prime Directive, gestured to the fallen creature and told the priests that their god was slain. Only one priest retained the will to fight, and the characters were able to overcome him and flee from the building just before it was consumed in a pillar of light.

The crew returned to the shuttlecraft, where Lt. Cmdr. Kirby was able to use the material recovered from Urgan’s chest to recharge the shuttle’s power cells. The shuttle lifted off from the planet’s surface and returned to the Discovery.



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