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The Praxan Summit - Session Two

The Praxan Summit – Session Two

As Lt. Cmdr. Kirby entered the Jeffries tubes on his way toward environmental control, the other crew members split up to enact a multi-pronged plan. Ensign Anderson also left through the Jeffries tubes in an attempt to steal some additional weapons, while Commander McCracken took several more crew members through the turbolifts toward the photon torpedo bays.

Kirby reached Environmental Control, where he was able to raise the ship’s temperature to well above Andorian norms in an attempt to render the Andorians more sluggish and slow to react. Kirby then damaged the servos controlling the doors to the room and escaped back into the ship’s ducts, heading for Main Engineering.

Ensign Anderson reached the ship’s primary armory, which he found guarded by two Andorians. He simply kicked the grate from the tunnel, firing wildly into the room and killing an Andorian before the aliens had the chance to react. Anderson quickly pinned the other Andorian down behind a control panel, but he was able to notify the other Andorians on the ship before he too was killed. Anderson grabbed as many phasers and grenades as he could carry and rushed back into the Jeffries tubes, but was shot in the back during his escape attempt, knocking him down to the next deck. He was able to escape with eight phasers and three grenades for the rest of the crew.

McCracken and his men were able to reach the photon torpedo bay without detection, where they located a repulsorlift dolly and stole a torpedo. They returned to the turbolift, but were detected as they attempted to return to the recreation room which held their comrades. The Andorians cut power to the turbolift, but Lt. Cmdr. Dexter was able to coax the system to life long enough for the men to reach the next deck. From there, Dexter was able to remove the explosives from the torpedo for use in a desperate bluff…

Meanwhile, Kirby reached Main Engineering, which he found swarming with Andorian troops. He carefully climbed from the tubes, but made a slight noise, alerting an Andorian to his presence. As the Andorian came to check on the noise, Kirby grabbed the Jeffries tube grating and smashed it down on his head, instantly breaking his neck thanks to the strength of his robotic arm. Standing over the fallen Andorian’s corpse, Kirby accessed the ship’s engines through a terminal and managed to bring the ship to a stop. Working quickly, he then locked the ship’s computer entirely, placing a password over the use of any and all systems. Afraid for his life, he dove back into the tunnels, forgetting to take the fallen Andorian’s weapon…

At this point, the Andorians spoke out over the ship’s communication systems, telling the crew that if the escaped crewmen failed to turn themselves in within thirty minutes, the Andorians would blow the airlocks in the ship’s cargo bay, ejecting hundreds of crewmen into space. Kirby immediately headed toward the cargo bay in an attempt to assist, while Anderson and McCracken headed toward the bridge along with part of a photon torpedo. Thinking quickly, Dr. Muriel turned herself in to the Andorians. Muriel found Captain Taggert being held captive on the bridge and began to use her telepathy to subtly flood the Andorians’ minds with reminders of the oppressive heat, forcing one of them into heatstroke.

Kirby reached the cargo bay deck but found the Jeffries tubes into the bays fused shut and impassable. Searching the deck, he came to the cargo transporter…

McCracken’s men were able to bring their photon torpedo to a point several decks below the bridge, so that its detonation would likely result in the deaths of everyone on the bridge. McCracken commandeered the ship’s comm system, telling the Andorians about the bomb and demanding that they leave the ship immediately. Before the Andorians could react, Kirby beamed the Andorians’ leader, Kai’Chul to the cargo transporter bay. As Kirby bravely took a hellacious beating from Kai’Chul, the Andorian crewmen began the process of opening the airlocks to kill the Discovery’s crew. Just then, Ensign Anderson forced the doorway to the bridge open and tossed a grenade in, killing many of the Andorians and nearly killing Captain Taggert and Dr. Muriel. Anderson and his men were able to take the bridge from the remaining Andorians easily.

Commander McCracken and his men reached the bridge, where McCracken began desperately attempting to guess Kirby’s password in order to re-access the ship’s systems and stop the airlocks from opening. After several unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Muriel was able to determine Kirby’s location on the ship, allowing the crew to beam him directly to the bridge. With seconds remaining, Kirby gave the crew the password, granting them access to the system. As the airlocks began to open, Lt. Cmdr. Dexter frantically attempted to reverse the process. Realizing that he would not be able to save the crew without assistance, he released some of the alien nanotechnology contained within himself into the Discovery’s main computer, hastening the process and closing the airlocks. The consequences of Dexter’s decision remain uncertain.

Realizing that the Discovery was still flanked by two Andorian ships, McCracken quickly raised the ship’s shields as Kirby attempted to engage the warp drives in order to effect escape. The Andorian ships realized that something had gone wrong with their plan and opened fire, bringing down the Discovery’s shields and causing serious harm to the ship before the ship was able to escape.

Several days later, with Captain Taggert sufficiently recovered from Ensign Anderson’s grenade, the Discovery confronted the Andorian Prime Minister regarding the incident. The Andorian government denied any involvement, claiming that Ambassador Praxan was a secret member of a sect of radical isolationists. The Prime Minister claimed protection under the Federation Constitution in the event of an attack by the Gorn. Enraged, Captain Taggert terminated the communication. Roll credits.



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