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"The Praxan Summit" - Session 1

The Praxan Summit – Session 1

Stardate 5174.0

Captain’s log, Stardate 5174.0. The Discovery has recently picked up the Andorian delegation to the Andorian/Vulcan peace talks, led by Ambassador Praxan. We are currently entering the Vulcan system to pick up the Vulcan delegation and the distinguished Ambassador Sanek. Though Vulcan is further from our destination than is Andoria, the Andorian ambassador insisted that his delegation board the ship first.

Session One Notes

The Discovery received Vulcan Ambassador Sanek to begin negotiations with the Andorians regarding the planet Weytahn. As the parties began their preliminary introductions, the ship received a distress signal from the Vulcan mining colony of Sark. Determining that the Discovery was the closest available ship, the crew resolved to take a detour from the negotiations in order to assist.

Arriving at the mining colony, the Discovery determined that there had been a battle within the system due to the presence of debris from several Vulcan security ships. Commander McCracken took an away team to the surface of the colony to search for survivors. The away team discovered that the mining base had been bombarded from orbit, followed by a vicious ground attack that left dozens of Vulcans dead. The team found seven living Vulcans huddled at the bottom of a mineshaft. As Dr. Muriel administered first aid to one of the survivors, she received a mental impression that the attack had been carried out by an aggressive species known as the Gorn. Just then, the team received a message from the Discovery that an unidentified vessel had appeared and opened fire on the Discovery. Nearly simultaneously, poor Ensign Carter was vaporized by a Gorn disruptor.

The away team traded fire with a group of Gorn, with Ensign Anderson acquitting himself particularly well. As more Gorn poured down the mineshaft, leaving the team with nowhere to go, Ensign Anderson fired at the roof, bringing a cave-in down onto the lizardlike aliens. With the Discovery still under attack and oxygen supplies running low, Lt. Commander Kirby used his phaser to power a mining laser enough to drill through the rockslide and enable the party’s escape.

Back onboard the ship, the crew determined that the Gorn ship had been heavily damaged and determined to pursue it. The Gorn ship’s engines failed, enabling the Discovery to catch and completely disable it. The Gorn told the Federation that their attack was revenge for an attack on a Gorn security outpost made by the Vulcans. Captain Taggert called a meeting with Vulcan Ambassador Sanek to discuss the allegations. Sanek denied the charges, at which point Kirby noted that the Vulcan ships accused of perpetrating the attack could not actually have reached Gorn space within two centuries.

At this point, the Andorians revealed their plan. They took control of the conference room, shooting Ensign Anderson when he attempted to resist, and executed Ambassador Sanek. Two Kumari class Andorian ships intercepted the Discovery and beamed additional Andorians aboard. The Andorians put the crew into the ship’s recreation room with several other crewmen, though they took the captain away with them.

The crew formed a desperate plan, deciding to attempt manipulation of the atmosphere on the ship to make it too hot for the Andorians and then to retake control of the ship. Lt. Commander Kirby entered the Jefferies tubes to find his way toward Environmental Control, while the rest of the group began to plan a diversion.

As they puzzled over the proper diversion, Ensign Anderson lit the recreation room’s couch on fire, drawing the Andorians in to respond to the alarm. Anderson attacked the Andorians upon their entrance, and though Commander McCracken was seriously injured when an Andorian shot him in the leg, Anderson was able to kill the two Andorian guards.

Will the crew manage to seize control of their ship from the sinister Andorians? Tune in next time…



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